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On October 14, 2010, the actual United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California announced which CVS Pharmacy, Inc. had been fined $77

million (including $75 million civil penalty and furthermore the forfeit regarding $2.5 million profit) pertaining to its unlawful sales involving pseudoephedrine, a new regulated drug, to always be able to criminals

between September 2007 and November 2008. during that period, the company failed to be able to abide by laws that limit the range of your drug marketed for you to individual

customers. The Actual sales, according to the Attorney’s Office, directly caused a rise the production of methamphetamine in California. CVS Pharmacy, Inc

(“CVS/pharmacy”) may always be the retail store pharmacy subsidiary involving CVS Caremark Corporation (hereinafter collectively referred to as “CVS”).

In addition to

retail pharmacy, CVS in addition runs pharmacy services, store clinics, and mail-order pharmacy businesses. Throughout fiscal 12 months 2010, the company had net revenues regarding a lot more

than $96 billion and a net profit involving greater than $3 billion. Selected economic information by company segments (pharmacy services, retail pharmacy, and also corporate) can be

shown in Exhibit 1. CVS ended up being the particular 18th largest company on the Fortune 500 based on its 2010 annual document as well as CVS/pharmacy can be one of the particular largest retail

pharmacy chains in the United States. Since associated with December 31, 2010, it operates a lot much more than 7,100 store pharmacy shops within the United States. Exhibit 2 exhibits the actual

number of CVS/pharmacy stores inside every state (as of December 31, 2009).

Today’s CVS (listed on New York Stock Exchange, ticker “CVS”, web site: http://www.cvs.com) is the results of the series of mergers along with acquisitions and also expansion straight into new markets inside the last amount of years.

Major mergers as well as acquisitions in your course of the past 6 a long time included Eckerd ($2.15 billion), Albertson’s ($4.0 billion), Caremark ($26.9 billion), as well as Longs Drugs

($2.6 billion). The Particular markets in which CVS features existence additionally increased coming from 36 states within 2004 to become able to 44 states throughout 2010. a introduction to CVS financial information and store

statistics (2004-2010) is demonstrated throughout Exhibit 3. Similar To various other companies in the industry, CVS provides for you to effectively and also effectively manage various risks such as

completion and economic downturn in order to deliver “strong growth and returns to shareholders”. Exhibit 4 lists a amount of risks identified from the

management inside the company’s 2010 annual report.

Pseudoephedrine will be among the materials in which are utilized to make methamphetamine, which usually “is the powerfully

addictive drug that severely affects users’ minds and bodies, ruins lives, and endangers communities as well as the environment” (U.S. Department of

Justice Drug Enforcement Administration, 2007). For You To curb the actual illicit output of methamphetamine, the particular Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 (CMEA) has been

signed directly into law successful March 9, 2006 to become able to restrict the revenue associated with pseudoephedrine along with other related materials. Your CMEA sets limitations regarding revenue regarding pseudoephedrine through

retail drugstores to folks as follows: Your quantity offered to a individual inside a day shouldn’t exceed 3.6 grams, regardless the actual variety of transactions; and

1For individuals, purchases in a 30-day period involving time are generally limited by 9 grams

In addition, the particular CMEA mandates which regulated list drugstores must implement

necessary measures to end up being able to manage along with monitor your revenue associated with pseudoephedrine. The Particular required measures include: placing item such which consumers do not need direct

access before the sale is made (“behind the counter” placement) or in a locked cabinet that is positioned in an area of the facility for you to which in turn customers do

have direct access; delivering the product directly to the custody in the purchaser; keeping created as well as electronic list (logbook) involving sales, including

quantity sold, names and addresses of purchasers, along with date along with time of the sales; examining appropriate types involving photo identification card; requiring purchasers

to indicator your logbook and also get into his or her names, addresses, as well as date and also period of sale; along with informing purchasers that will entering false statements as well as misrepresentations within

the logbook may topic them to criminal penalties according for the law.

The CMEA also requires regulated retail drugstores to offer proper training for you to

those storefront employees who are accountable for immediately working with customer purchases. Drugstores must make particular that these employees comprehend the legal

requirements along with adhere to correct procedures. Drugstores must also self-certify to become able to relevant authorities inside their jurisdictions in order to demonstrate that most store-front

employees possess undergone the necessary training. Throughout accordance with the CMEA, U.S. Department involving Justice Drug Enforcement Administration (DES) specified a few

specific guidelines (U.S. Department regarding Justice Drug Enforcement Administration, 2006) relating for you to logbooks maintained through drugstores. Paper logbooks should be bound.

For electronic logbooks, the particular records must be readily retrievable from the shop as well as law enforcement agencies; and an electronic signature system may become implemented

to capture customers’ signatures. DEA also requires the following notice always be included in every logbooks along with proven in order to customers: “WARNING: Section 1001 of

Title 18, United States Code, states that whoever, along with respect for the logbook, knowingly and also willfully falsifies, conceals, or even addresses up by simply any kind of trick,

scheme, or device the material fact, or helps make any materially false, fictitious, or even fraudulent statement or representation, or perhaps tends in order to make or uses just about any false writing as well as

document knowing the same in order to contain any materially false, fictitious, as well as fraudulent statement or entry, shall become fined not a lot much more than $250,000 if someone

or $500,000 if an organization, imprisoned not necessarily greater than five years, or perhaps both.” In the particular event that inclusion of the recognize in the logbooks isn’t feasible, the recognize might end up being

displayed within the location the location exactly where the consumer will see it when providing relevant details to accomplish the purchase. Regarding mail-orders pharmacies, the acquisition by simply an

individual is limited to 3.6 grams each day and 7.5 grams in the 30-day period. Several needs for store drugstores aren’t applicable with regard to mailorder

pharmacies. These include “behind-the-counter” alike physical control measures and customers signing logbooks. However, the CMEA needs catalog shopping

sellers for you to file month-to-month studies along with DEA along with verify client identities ahead of shipping. 2In addition the actual federal CMEA, state laws could also impose restrictions

on revenue associated with pseudoephedrine. According to DEA (U.S. Department regarding Justice Drug Enforcement Administration, 2006), state laws vary considerably through state in order to

state. for example, 27 states impose single transaction limits; 19 states get month for you to month as well as weekly limits. As emphasized by DEA, “CMEA does not preempt those

requirements under State laws/regulations that are more stringent compared for you to the CMEA requirements… all persons subject to CMEA must comply with the

CMEA and the laws in the State(s) in which they sell [pseudoephedrine].”

3 Pseudoephedrine “Smurfing” Since mid 2007, hawaii regarding California

has experienced any surge associated with large-scale methamphetamine production (U.S. Department associated with Justice National Drug Intelligence Center, 2009). Based on NDIC

(National Drug Intelligence Center), the actual surge was fueled from the organized as well as widespread pseudoephedrine “smurfing”, where individuals purchase

pseudoephedrine in quantities from or beneath legal boundaries after which aggregate straight into bulk quantities with regard to producing methamphetamine. Pseudoephedrine acquired

through smurfing ended up being also discovered become sent in huge quantities in order to methamphetamine producers throughout Mexico. The Particular surge of smurfing in California could be partly attributed

to CVS/pharmacy’s failure to control the particular sales associated with pseudoephedrine as required from the CMEA, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Workplace (United States

Attorneys’ Workplace Central District involving California, 2010). Throughout the particular time period involving more than 1 year via mid-2007, smurfers had been in any position to produce repeated purchases involving

pseudoephedrine through CVS/pharmacy stores which exceeded federal limits set from the CMEA. At times smurfers were able to “cleaning out store


4 CVS/pharmacy’s Compliance Practices

According for the investigation through DEA and other law enforcement agencies (United States Attorneys’

Office, 2010), CVA/pharmacy has implemented a range of measures in order in order to comply with almost all the CMEA. These kind of measures included physical charge of pseudoephedrine, a new

paper-based logbook, and later on an electronic logbook (replacing the paper-based logbook).

Physical Control

To comply with almost all the CMEA, CVS/pharmacy

moved pseudoephedrine powering money register tables in their retail stores. The Particular company additionally provided published materials to coach and also educate employees concerning the

new federal specifications and also the difficulty regarding diversion associated with pseudoephedrine to produce methamphetamine.






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